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The Chiaphua Group, founded more than 100 years ago by Mr. Cheng Chik Chi and his three younger brother is, today, one of the largest privately held group of companies in Hong Kong with considerable international stature.

From its origins in 1906 in Shantou, China, as a metal stamping shop; members of the Group business activities have grown in scale and diversity. Members of the Group and its affiliates are engaged in world-class manufacturing, marketing operations, international property developments, investments and education.

Among the myriads of activities, the Chiaphua Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of extensive range of industrial and consumer products, including computers, clocks, sea-freight containers, lighters, toys, silver-plated hollowware, security and telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, motors and power tools. Today, the group has developed into a global corporation with an annual turnover exceeding US$1 billion.

A Company With Vision

After three generations, the Cheng family is still at the center of the Group's activities, maintaining ownership in all its major companies. Drawing on the strength of the Group's tradition of integrity and strict business ethics; we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, to maintain long-term relationships with stakeholders and to excel in all undertakings.

In the years to come, the focus of the Group will be on the consolidation of Chiaphua's reputation with greater expansion globally to better serve all our partners and customers.